About Us

We are an academic cardiology consulting practice. Our cardiologists have expertise across the full breadth of adult cardiology sub-specialities, including general and preventative cardiology, coronary disease and cardiovascular interventions, cardiovascular imaging, heart rhythm disorders, heart failure, valvular heart disease, pulmonary hypertension and women’s heart disease. Medical students and resident medical officers from the Notre Dame university and Auburn Hospital regularly attend the clinic for training and further development.

A wide range of non-invasive investigations are performed in our rooms including cardiac ultrasound (echocardiogram) examinations at rest, exercise (stress) echocardiogram, 24-hour ECG (Holter) and BP recordings, and Implanted Device (Pacemaker and Defibrillator) assessments. Invasive coronary testing (angiograms, coronary stenting, structural heart interventions) are performed at Royal Prince Alfred, Strathfield Private Hospital and the Mater Hospital. Invasive EP procedures (arrhythmia ablation, pacemaker and defibrillator implantation) are performed at Westmead Public Private Hospital and Macquarie University Hospital. We are an academic cardiology consulting practice.